Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What is Acne Purging?

Some of you readers may not believe in acne purging but based on my experience and observation it does really exist.

What is purging ?
         - it is a process of "worsening of acne before it gets better". This is the initial reaction that occurs when you start using acne treatments like chemical peels, retinoids, BHAs (beta-hydroxy acid), glycolic acid, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or those treatments that make you peel. Acne treatments unclog pores, kill acne causing bacteria, control excess sebum production, get rid of dead skin cells. In the process of unclogging pores, they accelerates acne to come out earlier than you expect due to the exfoliation process and this might occur as a white/black head or inflamed red pimple.
  • And yes I experienced it. I was about to give up, I felt stressed about it and self conscious. But I gave it a try for 10 days.

4days after I use acne treatment August 9, 2015 morning
See how bad that is. It was embarrassing to go outside. I refused any invitations and cancelled my errands appointment because of that. I didn't want to go out.

August 9 2015, afternoon
My blemishes are not so angry in this pic.

August 10, 2015 morning
As you can see the redness is subsiding.

August 10, 2015 night
Getting better...

August 12, 2015 1am onwards
Wow! I can feel and see the result.

August 13, 2015 morning
After almost 10 days I can see improvement on my skin. I decided to just continue and be consistent with this acne treatment.

I am still experiencing little red bumps but not as much as when I was on purging process. Maybe two or three little red bumps and some blackheads that came out and healed on their own.


I am using Fairness and Flawless Acne Cure Lite treatment. It cost me 255pesos here in Cebu. On their site it says that the package includes PowerHouse Noni Soap and Blemish Doctor Astringent. But when I bought it, it came with Koji-Care toner inside the package as well. Maybe its a promotional offering or just a mistake.

Acne Cure Lite Set

Blemish Doctor
Blemish Doctor astringent , you can buy it separately as well. This can be harsh when you use twice a day so I suggest maybe just using it only at night. It stings like hell if you use it twice for two days. So I guess listen to yourself as well if you can't take it just use it once a day.

PowerHouse Noni Soap 
I like the PowerHouse Noni soap a lot. I can really see the difference every time I use it, day and night.
Don't forget to put sunblock everyday.

Koji-Care Toner
I use it every morning after 10 days of using acne treatment.

Overall verdict, I found this product very good because it does the job and its affordable. And I would recommend it to a friend. But there is no magic in terms of making yourself beautiful in your own eyes or to other people. The key as well is to eat healthy, sleep right and drinks lots of water.

I am not connected or affiliated to Fairness and Flawless. I just want to give my honest review of my experience with it. 

You may contact me via email : xandraferrera@gmail.com  if you want me to give my honest review of your product.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Dumaguete (City of Gentle People)

DUMAGUETE is a city in the province of Negros Oriental and indeed a "City of Gentle People". Based on my experience, I don't feel any harm, pressure, crowdedness or irritation. I feel free, comfortable, relaxed and just enjoyed the place.

I love Dumaguete
There are two ways for you to get there. Either you travel via a combination of land and sea or by air.
If you are from Manila you may want to fly directly from MANILA to SIBULAN AIRPORT also known as Dumaguete AIRPORT. We chose to travel by combination of land and sea since here in Cebu we have easy access to Liloan Port from South Bus Terminal in Cebu City. 

Ceres Bus
       South Bus Terminal- you must ride a Ceres Bus  going to Bato-Oslob-Liloan Port
                                         (Aircon 175pesos/ Non-Aircon 162pesos)
                                        - it takes 4 hours approximately to get to Liloan Port.

       Liloan Port to Sibulan- Santander Express (62 pesos) it takes 30 minutes approximately.

       Sibulan to Dumaguete - ride a jeep (15 pesos) it takes 15-20 minutes approximately.

fares are subject to change from without prior notice*

There are lots of reasonable hotels where you can stay comfortably. We chose NovoTel because it is just adjacent to malls, restaurants and Rizal boulevard.

Rizal Boulevard
Rizal Boulevard is a place where you can just simply relax , enjoy and admire the beauty of Nature while looking across at the Island of Siquijor. It is a perfect place to bring your children, family or loved ones and spend quality time together. If you like to exercise, walk or even jog you could do it there. Just a friendly reminder SMOKING is not allowed.

view from afar Rizal Boulevard 

Sisters of St. Paul Chartres

I didn't get to see much in Dumaguete, it is so HOT in day time I can't stand the heat while walking for a few hours. But tasting food and desserts at SANS RIVAL CAKES And PASTRIES comforted me.

It is a cookie version of Sans Rival made from a layer of buttercream sandwiched.
It cost 140 pesos for 10 pieces

Chocolate Lava Cake
*this is not my photo credits to CupKaye of Foodspotting.com

It cost 60 pesos
Geez this lava cake tastes so good that you will find yourself speechless while eating it. 

cheesy lasagna
It don't remember the price of this since my friend paid for it :), but not more than 100 pesos I'm guessing.

SANS RIVAL CAKES And PASTRIES is a place you must try. They are well known for their pastries and cakes. There are no branches outside of Dumaguete, so if you you really want to try and taste their specialty you might plan a trip. It will be worth it, believe me! Friendly reminder if you are planning to buy some pastries as presents for your loved ones back home you might want to reserve in advance because they are popular and sell everything out quickly.

In my next post will be my trip to Valencia, Negros Oriental that is located west of Dumaguete.

Map of Negros